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Barking Does your dog bark for attention, boredom or out of fear? Let's teach him what to do instead.
House Soiling Teach your dog it can be rewarding to do his business outside.
Pulling on Leash Let us show you how to train your dog to walk nicely with you.
Separation Anxiety Does your dog engage in destructive behaviors only when he is left alone? This can include chewing on furniture, defecation, barking. There are cures for this as well as excellent products to help alleviate separation anxiety.
Jumping on people Although we may enjoy having our dog jump up to express his affection for us, visitors to your house may be alarmed or frightened.
Chewing on Furniture Suppose you find your dog blissfully chewing away at the dining room table leg? He doesn't have to do this! Train him to chew on his toys instead.
Nipping Puppies have sharp teeth! Let's teach him not to use his playful mouthing on human skin.
Car Chasing Does your sweet dog suddenly lunge aggressively at cars as they pass by? Learn why dogs do this and how it can be prevented.
Digging You've just planted those spring bulbs and ugh, Rover has dug them up. Redirect those digging instincts.
New Baby or Pet in the House Is your dog uncomfortable with the new addition? This can be a serious problem with new pets, but more importantly, new babies in the home. This can and should be corrected immediately with the help of a professional.
Stealing Food Does your dog jump up and snatch food from the kitchen table? Learn what you could teach him to be do instead of this.
Begging and Whining Does your dog do this while your family is eating dinner? Especially when you're entertaining the boss? You might be surprised to find out that you've reinforced this behavior.
Aggressiveness Does your dog exhibit aggressiveness towards other pets or strangers? This can be a serious problem, especially if the owners enjoy taking the dog frequently for a stroll where he is likely to encounter other pets.
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