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I always work as closely with the client as I do with his/her dog, (so when you read “we” that means the dog owner and me). Here just a few of many success stories:

Father Mick and his two dogs, Thaddeus (1 yr.) and Hogan (4 months) live in the rectory at Sacred Heart Church. When I first started working with Thaddeus, he was the only puppy. He was meeting a lot of people and children where they lived and it was important to teach him to calm down and refrain from jumping up.
With my help and in a relatively short amount of time, Father Mick was able to train Thaddeus to behave around people and to have good manners.

I first met Chad and Fransje when their Rottweiler, Knuffels, was about 3 years old and their Shepchow, Flicka, was a new addition to the family. The dogs had many issues to work on such as, instilling general good manners, dog aggression when out for a
walk, and possession over items.

The training taught them general good manners, how to walk by other dogs without reacting, and we stopped giving them certain items that might cause aggression. Since that time, a third dog, a mixed breed named Mo, joined the family. We are now working on improving group stays, teaching each dog his place, and to respect the authority of their owners. Chad and Fransje understand that training their dogs is a lifetime commitment which holds especially true when living with multiple dogs.

When I first went to see Jennifer and her dog Katy, who at the time was about 4-6 months old, Jen was completely sleep deprived. Bleary-eye, she sat at her kitchen table and said,
” you need to help me! I am getting no sleep!” Katy was getting up at 4am with the need to go out, and then she would stay up and cry just about every half hour!

I showed Jen how to move Katie's wake up hour to fit in with her 5 year old daughter Claire’s wake up time. We than worked on teaching Katy how to walk nicely on a
leash and become a well behaved member of the family. Claire is now 9 years old, Katy is 5 years old and they have just introduced a new kitten to the family.

Morgan is a functionally blind poodle. When his owners called me, they explained that they had adopted him when he was 4 months old. They were having two major problems with him. Firstly, it was proving difficult to housebreak him. Secondly, he was skittish around the sound of children playing and rushing past him. This caused him to lunge and grab at their clothes as they went by.

We worked on Morgan's oversensitivity to sounds and taught him to ignore the sound of children running by. With specialized training, he was also able to distinguish his den (the house) from the outside grounds so that he could have the full run of the house without fear of accidents.

Within a surprisingly short time, even with his disabilities, Morgan has been taught how to behave and has become a much loved family pet.




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